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2020 NJ Landlord

& Tenant Relief:


NJ Executive Order No. 106


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has left much of our country in shock. We understand this pandemic may result in loss or reductions of wages, which will directly impact tenants' ability to pay rent, indirectly impacting landlord capacity to pay mortgages during this time. Above all, we want your families safe and well. Visit the CDC site here to learn more about how to protect yourself. 

D Focus Real Estate has created a resource page for New Jersey landlords and tenants, to provide guidance on state policies and resources for income replacement*. Through a recent executive order, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has temporarily halted removal as a result of evictions and foreclosures due to nonpayment, “unless the court determines on its own motion or motion of the parties that enforcement is necessary in the interest of justice. This order does not affect any schedule of rent that is due” (Executive Order NO. 106, 2020). 


As of April 1, 2020, there is no rent suspension in New Jersey due to COVID-19, but there is some recourse for tenants who cannot pay due to income loss. It also means that legal assistance can still be sought for disruptive tenants and objectionable behavior jeopardizing the safety of others. 

Sources: NJ.COM Article,  NJ Executive Order, NJ.GOV News

*These resources are not intended to replace legal or professional advice. It is also not intended to be a comprehensive list. 

Please seek legal counsel if you need clarification.

What We Do

What COVID-19 Means for New Jersey Landlords 


While all banks are not offering relief for tenant properties, landlords are encouraged to contact their mortgage provider about possible relief options. Some mortgage companies are offering a 90-day grace period for mortgage payments. The state of New Jersey has worked out deals with some major banks to halt negative credit reporting during this time. Call your bank to ask what relief options are available. 

It is imperative you communicate with your tenants in a clear, compassionate manner.  The ideal tenant letter should acknowledge the circumstances, gently remind residents that rent has not been suspended, and encourage tenants to communicate. We highly recommend including resources to help your tenants during this time.  Feel free to add the resource list below, contact us for a consultation if you need support with crafting a letter. 

Some tenants may have been delinquent prior to COVID-19. In this instance, it will be imperative to document and maintain a paper trail. If you need advice on how to legally maintain documentation, schedule a consultation with us at

What COVID-19 Means for New Jersey Tenants 

Rent is still due, but you should not be removed from the property for nonpayment during the crisis. You will still owe rent that is due after the crisis clears. If you are struggling to pay rent, it is important you initiate communication with your landlord to help them understand your situation. All reasons for nonpayment should be well documented. You can email, message, or mail a letter to your landlord with a detailed explanation of your circumstance. It is your responsibility to communicate the circumstances. Focused Property Solutions tenants can email their letter to 


Rental Assistance Information:

Newark COVID Rental Assistance:
N.J. eviction moratorium would end for families making above certain amount under bill:
Income Replacement Options for Workers

If you have been laid off or experiencing income reduction, here are a few resources to consider:  


State of New Jersey Jobs and Hiring Portal (Over 46,000 jobs available):


NJ Unemployment Benefits:


One-Stop Career Centers:


Relief for Restaurant Workers: 

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